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International show jumper (Ireland)

"My Top Jock Tack Box is a very sturdy box that looks great, transports well and has very efficient storage space. I'm delighted with it."


Junior hunter/jumper rider

"My Top Jock Tack Box makes it way easier to store things and pack. I used to have three wooden trunks and now I can fit everything in one trunk. It's super easy to move and it only takes one person to load it on to the trailer. The wheels and the whole box itself are really light for how much it can hold. You can customize it exactly how you want it. Mine has all of my colors on it, you can charge your phone in it and it has lights on the inside — it pretty much has everything. It holds my boots, my two saddles, my bridles — it's very convenient. I can't go to any horse show without it now. It's also very pretty and I love to have it on display outside of my setup at shows. It's great!"


International show jumper (Ireland)

"I am delighted with my Top Jock Tack Box. It is a top class tack box, is very durable, has a premium quality finish and looks great at shows."


David Marcus – Olympic dressage rider (Canada)

Nicholas Fyffe – International Grand Prix dressage rider (Australia)

"The beautiful exterior graphics on our trunk has brought us a lot of attention right from the start when we bring it to shows, but it was the quality of the craftsmanship and the functionality that made people express interest in it." – David Marcus

"Not only is our first tack box visually beautiful and promotes our brand, but it is incredibly functional as well. I think it's a great mix of branding, beauty and function." – Nicholas Fyffe


International show jumper (Ireland)

"These bespoke boxes display excellent craftsmanship. They are strong, durable and practical, yet stylish — a must have for anyone traveling to shows."


International show jumper (Ireland)

"Top Jock Tack Boxes are made to a very high standard, look very professional and more importantly are easy to move and work with.
I have had two previous tack lockers and without a doubt these
are a cut above the rest on the market."


Head breeder, rider and trainer at AliBoo Farm, Inc.

"When I first saw Top Jock Tack Boxes' products over a year ago, I fell in love with their innovation, elegance and efficiency. Top Jock Tack Boxes' products can be personalized and are one-of-a kind with customizable graphics. These are great for marketing horses, sponsors or a rider, and the graphics can be changed down the road if necessary. The beauty of working with a smaller company is that Joseph is very attentive to all of the details as well as creative and will work with you to create the exact product that you want. We now have a Top Jock Tack Box, a saddle rack and a blanket box and could not be more thrilled with them!"


International show jumper (United States)

"Top Jock Tack Boxes' products are just beautiful. As equestrians, we always need more space and storage for our equipment. I love how you can change the exterior graphics and really customize it however you want. They're really, really cool. I'm looking forward to traveling to shows with mine and including it as part of my setup."


Amateur hunter/jumper rider

"My Top Jock Tack Boxes saddle rack is absolutely beautiful. I've never owned anything so nice. I don't even own a wooden tack box to bring to shows because they weigh a ton and are hard to maneuver. My saddle rack is beyond easy to wheel around and lock into place. There is room for just about everything — I no longer have to use the side mirrors of my truck to hang bridles and halters! I would definitely recommend this saddle rack for everyday use, and then you can easily wheel it right up the ramp and take it to shows!"